Rise Above is the premier strength and conditioning facility for both amateur and professional athletes. Whether you are an athlete looking to take your training to the Next Level, or and individual just looking to get back in shape, Rise Above has the training program that is right for you. Offering personal training, Team Training and small group fitness classes, the staff at Rise Above can find the training regimen that suits your fitness

The speed program at Rise Above is not the same for every athlete because there is no simple formula or routine to gain speed. It is through individualized high intensity training that speed is gained and at Rise Above Athletics the speed program is that and more.
Here at Rise Above Athletics we stand firm in the notion that speed is not something that comes strictly from genetics. While genetics can play a factor in the development of speed, it is through our state of the art training methods that athletes attain gains in speed that cannot be duplicated by any other training facility period.

Athletes in Training

General terminology
Proper diet and what that does for your body
Core strength, flexibility, and the benefits of stretching
Speed/conditioning/plyometric basics
Proper weight lifting technique using body weight
All of our kids get the rare chance to work next to and with athletes that are at the top of their game.
Our goal is to educate young athletes. By working on form, technique, flexibility, and overall athleticism we give our athletes the building blocks they need to be successful as they enter into competitive sports.


Proper diet and what that does for your body
Flexibility and the benefits of stretching
General terminology
Basic weight lifting technique using body weight

Speed, Agility and Quickness Clinic