This tournament will be held on December 30th starting at 9am. We will have 2 age groups

14 and 15 yrs old. Each team will play 6 v 6 including a goalie

The second age group is 11 and 12 years old girls and also 6 v 6 including a goalie

Cost per team is $250 Each team is guaranteed 4 games. 3 regular games the Consolation and championship. Each game is 28 mins.

14 and 15 starts at 9:00am

11 and 12yr old girls start at 1:00pm

Tournament Rules

  1. Number of players: 6 field players plus a goalie
  2. Substitutions: Unlimited and may be made when ball is out of play (any stoppage), provided player has left the field at player’s bench area before substitute enters at same location.
  3. No Offsides
  4. Kickoff: All kickoffs at half-line are indirect.  Kickoffs need not be played forward.
  5. Kick-Ins: The ball will be kicked into play from the sideline instead of thrown in.
  6. Goal kick: May be taken anywhere within one yard (3 feet) of the end line.  A goal off a goal kick will only count if it was touch by another player before it entered the goal.
  7. The Goal Box: A 12 x 18 foot marked box.
  8. If Ball Strikes Ceiling An indirect kick shall be awarded from half-line.
  9. Delay of Game: The ball must be put into play from a restart within 10 seconds.  If not, at the referee’s discretion, the ball will be given to the opposing team for delay of game (free kick to opposing team, corner/goal kick switch).  If a ball is kicked far away after a stoppage, at the referee’s discretion, a yellow card may be issued.
  10. Seven Yard Rule: On free kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks and kick-offs, opposing team must be 7 yards away from ball.  If the ball is less than 7 yards from the goal box, it will be moved back to 5 yards from the box allowing the defender to stand outside the penalty area (5 yards from the ball, but outside the goal box).
  11. Direct and Indirect Kicks: All free kicks are indirect, with the exception of penalty kicks.
  12. Penalty kicks: Are awarded, at the referee’s discretion, for infractions that nullify a scoring opportunity.  The penalty kick is taken from the top of the marked box with players from both teams standing two yards behind.  If the penalty is missed, the opposing team gets a goal kick, ball is not live.
  13. Hand Ball Infractions: A deliberate hand ball that’s obviously intended to stop an opponent from scoring will result in a penalty kick and a red card requiring the violating player to sit out the rest of the game.  The team continues to play full sided.
  14. Yellow Cards: Players receiving a yellow card must serve a 2 minute penalty requiring the team to play short for the 2 minute period.  3 yellow cards in the run of the tournament will lead to a red card, resulting in the player’s ejection from rest of the tournament.
  15. Red Cards: A player who is red carded is automatically ejected from remainder of tournament.  Exception: A player red carded for hand ball violation sits out remainder of current game only.
  16. No Slide Tackles: Slide tackling is prohibited and will result in an indirect kick.  A player who is stretching out to redirect or control a ball with no opponent near him/her may not be slide tackling and the referee will decide each case.  Excessive or dangerous slide tackles may result in a yellow or red card from the referee.
  17. No Outdoor Cleats: All players must wear rubber-soled sneakers or turf shoes.  No cleats permitted.
  18. Proper Player Prep: Coaches and players are responsible before the games to insure that players are properly equipped (socks over shin guards, etc.) and are not wearing anything dangerous (for example, jewelry, long pants on field player, hard casts).  Decision of referee or tournament official is final on those issues.
  19. Jerseys: Each team should bring one jersey in the case of conflicts pinnies will be provided.
  20. Length of Matches: Each teams 4 games start with a starting whistle and end with an ending whistle.  The games are 28 minutes and are played at 30 minute intervals.  This gives all teams two minutes to exit and enter.  Please move quickly on and off the field since lost time will not be made up.
  21. Sportsmanship Rule: When a team is down by a 5 goal margin in a game, they may add an extra player onto the field until there is a 4 goal margin and at that point go back to even sides.


Coaches/Managers are responsible for the behavior of their players and fans.  Disruptive behavior may result in a team yellow card or expulsion from the tournament and/or facility.