March 11th

For the registered teams:

Team check in starts at 5:30pm
Tournament starts at 6:00pm

Team Rosters:  Each team may have a maximum of 10 players enrolled.

Number of players playing: There will be 6 players playing at one time

Game Duration: Each game will be played until one team’s players have all been put “out” of the game or 10 minutes has elapsed since the beginning of the game.

10 Second Violation: In order to reduce stalling, a violation will be called if a team in the lead controls all balls on their side of the court for more than 10 seconds. This also applies to teams in a tie situation.
Time Outs: There are no team time outs.
Player Elimination from a Game:  “Out” is the term that will be used to refer to a player’s elimination from the field of play.  A player will be “out” after the following occurs:
• A live ball hits any part of the player’s body, clothing, or uniform
• If a player is hit by a live ball rebounding off another player
• A defending player catches a live ball they have thrown
Player Return into a Game: “In” is the term that will be used to refer to a player’s return into the field of play. Players shall return from the Sideline Queue in the order they were put “out” (i.e. first “out,” first “in”).
Referees:  All games will be supervised by 1 Referee. The referee has the authority to rule on any aspect of the game and should keep a watchful eye for any violations that occur.
Rules will be enforced primarily by the honor system. Players will be expected to rule whether or not a hit was legal or they were legally eliminated.
Referees may also call players out if it is apparent to them that the player was hit, but then did not leave the playing area.
The Head Referee will maintain the official scorecard and document the final score after the completion of the game.
The Head Referee is empowered to call the game at any time for reasons of safety.
THE HEAD REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL. All Players must honor all decisions made by the Referees.

Team Fee: $100.00

Here are 10 easy rules that capture the basics of dodgeball.

  1. The typical Dodgeball court is about the size of a small Volleyball court, with a centerline and 2 sidelines.
  2. Dodgeball is primarily self-refereed, and played with the honour rules. During league play, there is 1 referee stationed at the end of the centerline, that help facilitate the game. A referee will start the game, confirm hits and catches, and count ball possession time.
  3. There are 6 balls, split into 2 even groups near the ends of the centerline. During the opening rush (when the game starts), you may only grab the balls to your right.
  4. You are out if: 1) you step on or over a sideline or centerline; 2) a thrown live ball hits your body; and 3) you throw a live ball and it is caught by an opponent.
  5. A thrown live ball can only hit out 1 player.  Thrown balls that hit the ground, the wall, other balls, or other objects before hitting the opponent are considered dead balls, and are ineligible to hit players out.
  6. You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if you drop the blocking ball during the act of blocking, or if you fail to make a clean block (as in the thrown ball still ends up hitting or grazing your body afterwards), you are out.
  7. If you are out, line up on the side in the order you got out (think of it as being in an “resurrection” line). If your teammate catches a ball, the player at the start of your team’s “resurrection” line comes back into play after touching the wall (the teammate must be in the line at the time of the catch to be eligible to be brought back in).
  8. You can only hold a ball for 10 seconds, afterwards, it will be considered dead. Dead balls need to be rolled over immediately to the other team.
  9. If the game comes down to 1 player per side, they have 10 seconds to hit each other out; if not, “Showdown” comes into effect. The game is paused, each player gets two balls, two balls are lined up at the ends of the centerline, and the centerline is dissolved. The first player to get the other player out wins.
  10. Have fun, shake hands, make friends and be spirited!