Next Level Training Program

Baseball Diamond Specific

Strength, Speed, Agility Training, Hitting, fielding and Arm Care


Are you ready?!

This program was developed by one the best baseball minds in America and every player should do this!! This 8 week program will meet every Sunday for 1 1/2hrs and each class will focus on becoming more explosive, stronger, quicker and developing the right mechanics. We will do 45 minutes of speed, agility and quickness and the last 45 min of baseball mechanics and drills. This program will also focus on the proper mechanics of throwing and hitting, each player will have the use of video analysis. There isn’t a better way to get ready for their upcoming season!


  • Proper Movement Patterns – Become a Superior Athlete!


  • How to generate Force Production – Explosive Bat Speed, Throwing Power, Running Speed!


  • Explosive Strength – The Strength You Need For the Diamond


  • Semi-Plyometric Endurance – This is the kind of endurance needed for the diamond- Not Long Distance Running!


  • Power – Real Power that carries over to the field


  • Rotator Cuff/Shoulder capsule strength, stability & endurance


  • Speed – Learn the real secrets for world-class speed and explosiveness