Multi-Sport Training
Many of today’s high school athletes are involved in multiple sports throughout the year.  At Rise Above, we understand the physical demand it takes to maintain a high level of competition throughout the year.  Our primary goal is to provide our high school athletes with strength training that is designed to maintain their strength, stay healthy through the season, and help reduce the risk of injury
Training Sessions

All of our high school athletes participate in 90 minute training sessions.  During the sessions each athlete will work in a group of their peers.  Each session is led by one of our Performance Coaches to create a training environment that is fast paced, informative and enjoyable.  Every athlete will go through various strength and movement progressions.  Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where athletes will be able to get stronger, faster, increase their mobility and flexibility, as well as helping to reduce the risk of injury for athletes that play multiple sports.

Strength Programs
At Rise Above, we offer a wide variety of strength training programs that are customized to each athlete’s sport.  We work with each athlete individually, discussing in depth with them their sport, or sports, of choice and targeting areas that need to be monitored and improved. By doing so, we’re able to prepare a program that, over time, will enhance their sport performance.

Class Schedule